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Galveston Prime

Nutrition-Based, Wellness Program – Everything You Need to Shape Your Mindset, Health, and Nutrition through Young Adulthood.

A Nutrition & Lifestyle Brand for Young Women

Galveston Prime is the ultimate girlfriend’s guide and nutritional program, founded and created by Katherine Haver and Ashley Simon. Together, they break down the science of food, how your body processes food for energy, and encourage healthy habits that will stay with you for life.

Phases of Galveston Prime

Learn more about Galveston Prime and the programs four phases.

What's Included

Dr. Mary Claire Haver, a board-certified OBGYN and founder of The Galveston Diet, created the original program for women experiencing menopause and mid-life weight gain. Over the past two years, The Galveston Diet’s Operation Manager, Ashley Simon, and Dr. Haver’s daughter, Katherine Haver, witnessed first-hand how the research, communication, and guidelines established contribute to real results for thousands of students.

Ashley’s role has opened her eyes “to the struggle that many women have,” she adds, “I have quite literally seen and heard it ALL. Katherine and I wanted to create a program based on the same research and guidelines but curated for our age group. Galveston Prime is not a quick-fix diet. It’s really about creating healthy habits to prevent inflammation and disease.”

“Yes, healthy habits are key to the program’s long-term success,” adds Katherine, “I’ve been watching my mom change women’s lives for as long as I can remember. When she started the Galveston Diet, I was immediately intrigued. With this lifestyle change, women’s risks for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other devastating diseases decline. Hearing thousands of women’s success stories and transformation, was eye-opening and made me realize that food is medicine.”

Katherine Haver is enrolled at Louisiana State University, pursuing a degree in Nutritional Sciences. Ashley Simon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2018 with degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology.

Please visit our program page to Learn More or to Enroll Today. We want to help you find your best health at any age. Galveston Prime takes inspiration from the teachings of the Galveston diet, by recommending a combination of intermittent fasting, anti-inflammatory nutrition, and macro-ratios tracking, but customized and curated for a younger audience.

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