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Our NEW PLATINUM GROUP COACHING is here & more affordable than ever!

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Access Our Brand New Platform!

Our entire program has moved to a new platform to offer you a better experience on your wellness journey. We’ve moved our coaching experience off of Facebook and combined it with our restructured curriculum into one seamless platform.

Gone are the days of distractions on social media, other product ads, and loss of focus. The new Platinum Group Coaching program is designed to keep you engaged and focused on your goals.

Be among the first to access the new Galveston Diet experience!

LAUNCH yourself into the Galveston Diet lifestyle with help from our certified coaches. Receive step by step guidance through the Galveston Diet curriculum, participate in live coaching videos, gain access to accountability tools and live your best life now!

What's included in Platinum group Coaching?

NEW Curriculum

Instant access to the all NEW Galveston Diet Curriculum, meal plans, recipes & guides. That's everything we offer, all on our new platform!

TGD Community

Access the Galveston Diet community where you can ask questions, share your wins and receive support from coaches & other Galveston Dieters.

Self Paced Coaching

Work your way through the lessons on your own time and schedule.

Coaching Workbook

Download or print to reference throughout your journey - and for years to come.

Participate in LIVE Coaching Videos

Daily (M-F)

Live coaching videos, on the Actions of the Galveston Diet and a range of health and wellness topics.


Live Q&A sessions - will be recorded and posted to watch on replay.

Cancel anytime and maintain access until the end of your billing period. No refunds will be given.
Cancel Anytime

"Finally Lost My Baby Weight From 29 Years Ago!"​

I started intermittent fasting last October, joined The Galveston Diet coaching group, and that’s when the weight loss kicked into high gear. By Feb I was down 10 lbs and feeling amazing! Bottomed out at 34 lbs lost on June 2 at 139.4, All during a frickin pandemic! (Finally lost my baby weight from 29 years ago! I weighed 140 when I got pregnant the first time in 1991!)

Frequently Asked Questions

The NEW Platinum Group Coaching is a completely self-paced online coaching course. Once you sign up, you will have instant access to the Platinum Coaching curriculum and the certified Galveston Diet coaches.

The day you sign up is the day the program starts. Work through the Galveston Diet curriculum at your own pace while attending training sessions and participating in live coaching discussions. You can get through all the modules within four weeks, but there is no pressure to stop or rush through the curriculum after four weeks. You can continue your membership and continue to benefit from the updated curriculum, community, and coaching support.

At this time, we do not offer free trials for coaching. Once you are in the community, you can access support and all coaching materials. If unsure, try it for a month and cancel at any time.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You are in control of your subscription within your profile. Once you cancel, you will be removed from subscription access at the end of your billing month. Try it for one month and cancel to avoid charges for a second month. Please email if you have issues canceling your subscription.

I always say the Galveston Diet is "Your Plan, Your Way," and this is Your coaching program, Your way. Take advantage of the opportunity to reset, feel good in your body, and ensure that you are your healthiest version!

Join our community of over 100,000 women.

Cancel anytime and maintain access until the end of your billing period. No refunds will be given.
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