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Welcome to the Galveston Diet Press Page

The Galveston Diet is the first and only online nutritional program designed by a Board-Certified OB-GYN, Dr. Mary Claire Haver, that specifically targets women in midlife and menopause. 

After her own experience with menopausal weight gain, Dr. Haver spent countless time and research looking for solutions to help women. In two years, Dr. Haver’s program has helped thousands of women lose anywhere from 5 to 100 pounds (numerous testimonials available). For press inquiries or to speak with Dr. Mary Claire Haver please contact Jamie Hadley, Director of Communications, at


Press Updates

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Daily Mail UK 

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Revista Metrónomo: La dieta de Galveston, la dieta de la menopausia: cómo bajar de peso

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HoustonChronicle: Light Easy Recipes to Kick off the new year The best Thing for Heatlh is to Eliminate… Dieta Migliore Per la Propia Salute e Eliminare lo Zucchero

Yahoo Top Foods To Battle Stress From The Founder Of The Galveston Diet On Nutrition with Dr. Mary Claire Haver 11 Best Weight Loss Programs for Women That Really Work What Is The Galveston Diet? An Anti-inflammatory Weight Loss Plan What Is The Galveston Diet? Here’s everything you need to know The Galveston Diet for Menopausal Weight Gain

Yahoo Finance: Galveston Diet Founder Shares 6 Menopause Busting Foods for World Menopause Day

Coast Monthly: On the bayou-Galveston doctor uses kitchen to make healthier versions of famous Louisiana recipes

First For Women: Beat Menopausal Weight Gain With the Galveston Diet

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Yahoo News: Ready To Get Rid Of Those Pandemic Pounds?

MarketWatch: Ready To Get Rid Of Those Pandemic Pounds? What is the Galveston Diet? The Galveston diet is a weight-loss plan designed for women undergoing menopause How To Age Well What You Should Know About Menopause Dr. Mary Claire Haver has Cracked The Menopause Weight Loss Code

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Coast Monthly: Mom power The Best Way to Work Out to Increase Your Sex Drive Diet-Haver Asking for a Friend: Why Do I Have Nipple Discharge? Pregnancy Pampering: What’s Safe, What’s Not

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