Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The Galveston Diet is committed to our mission of changing lives by:

  1. Cultivating an empowered and diverse community.
  2. Offering educational resources and tools that are supported by scientific research.
  3. Encouraging positive, sustainable long-term habits so that our students feel their best at any age.

We welcome everyone to join The Galveston Diet. We are honored that our students come from all around the world and from various cultures, backgrounds, and ages. Although our program is designed for women in menopause, we recognize that the program is beneficial to women of all ages and men. No two people are exactly alike. We are all different; our bodies are different, and with over 60,000 students, our goal is to offer a safe, diverse, and inclusive community that encourages optimum physical and mental health.

If you are not sure if The Galveston Diet is appropriate for you, we always recommend that you consult your physician or health care professional before starting any nutritional or fitness program. If there is a question regarding The Galveston Diet program, we encourage you to email our Success Team at success@galvetondiet.com.

Are you interested in working for The Galveston Diet? We strive to hire great people from all walks of life that share our values and enthusiasm for helping people reach their wellness goals and feel their best. If you are interested in joining our team, we want to hear from you. Please send us your information at success@galvestondiet.com.

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