The Galveston Diet, Made Even Easier!

Fresh, personalized, organically sourced, inflammation-fighting meals, delivered to your door and ready to eat in minutes.
No subscription required. Available for delivery nationwide.
Dr. Haver & Galveston Diet Approved!

All meals align with The Galveston Diet guidelines.

Gluten, Dairy & Refined-Sugar FREE!

No inflammation promoting ingredients here!

Rich in Flavor & Micronutrients

Curb your appetite and fuel your body!

How it Works

The Galveston Diet has partnered with Mealogic to leverage their expert network of chefs, food safety professionals, and other suppliers to provide top-of-the-line, ready-to-eat meals nationwide. Your meals are prepared by a kitchen close to you and delivered fresh!

How to Order

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your name, email & zip code (to determine your delivery zone and meal availability). Then click “Choose Meals.”
  3. Browse the menu and choose your meals. You must choose either 6, 8, 10 or 12 meals per delivery. Delivery dates and frequency vary based on your location.
  4. Once you’re happy with your meal selections, click “Review Order”, then “Continue to Checkout”, enter your delivery address and payment info then click “Complete Purchase.”
  5. Deadline to order for next week delivery is every Thursday at midnight EST.
  6. You will receive an order confirmation email as well as delivery updates for when your meals will arrive.
  7. Your meals will be delivered in insulated packaging with reusable ice packs. Though you should refrigerate or freeze your meals as soon as possible to guarantee freshness.
  8. To heat your meals, follow the instructions on the meal label.
Mary Claire eating in the kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

The Galveston Diet Meals are a great tool to use to help supplement the meals and snacks you make for yourself at home. They are made with fresh ingredients that align with The Galveston Diet principle of an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition, but they are not all designed to hit a specific macro ratio or target. The macronutrient needs of those who follow The Galveston Diet vary and the meals being offered reflect that.

To see if a meal fits your macros goals, you can enter the nutritional information listed for an individual meal into Cronometer as a Custom Food. Then you can decide, based on the macros of that meal, if you’d like to add it to your order.

As long as you track your own macros and ensure that your dietary choices are limiting, rather than promoting, inflammation in your body, you can enjoy any of The Galveston Diet meals and compliment them with the meals and snacks you make at home with the ingredients you enjoy the most!

New menus are added every Friday morning. This menu is visible up until the next order deadline – Thursday, at midnight EST. Our menus vary, depending on your location! We make sure there’s a variety of fresh and delicious food, prepared locally, for all of our members.

If there are certain ingredients you need to steer clear of, you can always add them to your list of Ingredients to Avoid. Once you’ve added ingredients to this list, we’ll take your omissions into account while we curate your menu. Log into your Dashboard, select the order you want to make changes to and click “Manage Upcoming Deliveries”. Choose the ingredients you would like to avoid and save your changes!

All of the animal proteins are raised without antibiotics or hormones and seafood is fished or farmed in ways that don’t harm the ocean environment. We also opted to avoid the top inflammatory foods so you can be sure there is no gluten, dairy, refined sugars or inflammatory oils such as canola or rapeseed in your meals.

You can place their first order any time before Thursdays at midnight EST and you will receive your meals the following week.

Delivery is based on your location: Members in local delivery zones (LA, DC, and NYC area) may receive up to two deliveries per week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. These members can choose meals for either, or both, delivery dates and can order a minimum of 4 meals and a maximum of 24 meals per week.
Members in our shipped delivery zones get one weekly delivery, on Wednesdays and can order a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 meals per week.

Delivery is available to most states through our national shipping zones. To find out if we are available in your area, enter your information here: If your zip code is not yet within our delivery zone, you can sign-up to be notified when we are. We are adding new locations all the time!

The Galveston Diet Meals uses the Mealogic platform for fulfillment and logistics. With this partnership, we’re able to leverage an expert network of chefs, food safety professionals, and other suppliers to provide top-of-the-line ready-to-eat meals nationwide. If you need support with your order, please contact for immediate assistance