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Our mission at The Galveston Diet is to change lives by empowering our students through our inclusive and diverse community that meets them where they are in their health journey while educating them to make informed choices utilizing science-based nutrition. We hope to encourage our students to create sustainable, healthy habits and reframe their mindsets to help increase their longevity.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Mary Claire Haver


Coo – brand manager

Margaret Walsh

Dir. of coaching & curriculum

tECHNICAL director

Michelle Jones

Graphic designer

Victoria Thomas


Katherine Haver


Margaret Walsh - Director of Coaching and Curriculum

Since turning 40, Margaret has struggled with her weight, hormonal issues, brain fog, and hot flashes. After years of trying different methods to lose weight, including consulting with various doctors, trying the newest fad diets, buying expensive and ineffective weight loss supplements, working with hormone replacement therapy, taking prescription medications, and going through a partial hysterectomy, she found The Galveston Diet and has never looked back.

Margaret created new habits, lost 15 pounds, made exercise a priority, and shifted her mindset from "eat less, move more" to "did I eat enough fat today"! She's thrilled to be a Certified Galveston Diet Coach and to be on this journey with you. Margaret lives in Glen Rock, NJ, with her husband and two boys.

Jamie Hadley - Director of Communications & Certified TGD Coach

Jamie has always been active and strived to eat well but has struggled with an extra 10-20 pounds her whole life. Jamie was diagnosed with Celiac in 2004 and dairy intolerance in 2010. She struggled to find diet programs that would suit her individual nutrition needs. She has been a student of nutrition and wellness for years, and with The Galveston Diet has found a solution that has allowed her to reach her weight loss goals while allowing for the necessary substitutions to meet her dietary needs.

Jamie has learned that health and wellness are not all or nothing but a constant journey of progress, not perfection, with ups and downs along the way. The confidence that she has gained through achieving her weight loss goals with The Galveston Diet has been immeasurable and has given her the push she needed to start her own business and pursue her passion! She is very excited to help answer your questions and support all of you on your journey to your health goals. Jamie lives in Castle Pines, CO, with her husband and two boys.

Dawn Drogosch - Director of Operations & Certified TGD Coach

Dawn served 26+ years in the military. Maintaining Navy weight standards was challenging amidst crazy schedules, high stress, yo-yo eating patterns, overall life, and aging. Throw in years of IVF and three pregnancies after the age of 40, and to say controlling her weight was a struggle would be an understatement. Through one diet or another, she'd lose and then stall, never getting past her "stuck" point. Then came perimenopause, the weird weight gain, sleepless nights, hot flashes, lack of energy, and the emotional roller coaster.

Revisiting previous diets over a year and having no success, she was uncomfortable, unhealthy, and miserable. When she found The Galveston Diet, she immediately went into a coaching group and began her self-care journey. Now, 50+ pounds later, she feels better than she has felt in years, has blown past her initial goals, is no longer "stuck," and wishes to help others achieve the same success! She attributes her transformation to all the program's information and support and is excited to be part of the process! Dawn currently resides in Pensacola, Florida, with her husband and three kids.

Sara Joseph

When Sara turned 50, she thought “Look at me…I am in the best shape of my life, raised two amazing girls on my own, one in college and one on her way, have a great career that I love, and am in a good place.” Suddenly perimenopausal symptoms hit hard including severe bloating, painful skin, exhaustion and sadness. An ankle sprain from a fall down the stairs and torn rotator cuff derailed her daily workouts, and the pounds came on. Once back at the gym and getting back to running, Sara found that diet and exercise was not working to get her back to where she was. A friend who is an OB/GYN shared one of Dr. Haver’s videos on her Facebook timeline. She thought “this woman is me.” Having studied physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition and writing her honors thesis on the importance of specific fatty acids in formulas for hand-rearing orphaned Harbor Seal pups, she immediately realized that what Dr. Haver was saying made sense. Her bloating improved within days of 16:8 intermittent fasting; she then signed up for The Galveston Diet and has never felt better!

Sara is a veterinarian in private practice for over 27 years. She received a Certificate in Nutrition and Healthy Living from Cornell University. She resides in Canton, MA, and has two daughters. Sara is thrilled to be able to help guide you on your journey to reaching your goals.

Kathy Champagne

Kathy’s menopause journey started later than most. Having had a partial hysterectomy at 35, she thought she would avoid the dreaded menopausal symptoms. But at 60, she got hit with all of them! Depression, anxiety, night sweat, weight gain, and joint pain. She tried expensive supplements, and other weight loss plans to relieve the symptoms, but it wasn’t until she found The Galveston Diet that she truly could turn it around. At the age of 64, she feels better now than she ever has. She has learned to embrace exercise rather than hate it. And that her body simply feels better when she is eating anti-inflammatory foods. She has changed her outlook on life to “You are so worth this!” She is so happy to be a part of the Customer Success team and answer the questions and concerns that The Galveston Diet receives through email. Kathy lives in Green Valley, Arizona, with her husband. She has four children and nine grandchildren, all on the east coast.

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