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Testimonial From Amy M.

"My Test Results Were Amazing!"

I started my Galveston journey about 2 1/2 months ago. Before starting, I took the inflammation test, and I was at -13…last week, I took it, and I was at +14 (note I do 48 hrs instead of 24 bc one day I have yogurt, the next I won’t). I have lost 10 lbs so far and look and feel better already (I can’t wait to lose the rest). Three weeks ago, I ran out of my multi vitamin and didn’t get any more, then, a week ago, I was scheduled for blood work for my EGFR, and I asked my GP to add all the blood work that you suggested in the class. Well, today, my dr and I reviewed the results, and they were fantastic…everything was in a normal range, and the dr was both happy and impressed. He usually said at my age (56) and the number of tests that were run, there are at least 1 or 2 numbers that are not good. I told him about your diet/lifestyle, and he went to your website and was very impressed and said he would suggest it to other patients.

- Amy M.

With an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition, Dr. Haver has cracked the code and found an innovative solution that actually works at this time in our lives. The Galveston Diet can help women in menopause lose weight, burn fat, and feel more confident in their skin.
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