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Testimonial From Pat A.

"This Program Saved My Life!"

Like many others, I discovered Dr. Haver on Instagram and her Reels. When I saw the first Reel about how doctors respond to us ‘older’ ladies when our weight is discussed, I started to cry because everything she said was exactly what I experienced at my doctor’s office. At my annual doctor’s appointment, I learned that my cholesterol was too high, and I needed medication. I was already taking something for my thyroid, so this would be one more pill to take. I asked what I could do without the medication, and my PA told me to eat less and exercise more. When I got in the car, I couldn’t stop crying because I did eat well and exercised daily with no results. I felt like something was wrong with me. So I started looking into TGD by reading and watching Dr. Haver’s videos and bought the program in January 2021. I weighed in at 197 pounds – the heaviest I have ever been in my life. My depression, self-esteem, and motivation were the lowest I have experienced. Ten months later, I am 160 pounds (37 pounds down), lost 8″, visceral fat now is .87, and it was .94!!!! I would like to lose 5 more pounds, but I am more interested in my overall health rather than the pounds off. I could go on and on about how this program saved my life. I told my daughters that I wanted to be around my future grandchildren and be able to keep up with them! I believe that will happen now! But I am even more excited for my annual doctor’s appointment in January 2022 to see the look on my PA’s face when she sees what I have accomplished with no thanks to her. I am also eager to see my lab results. Thank YOU! I wish I could HUG you and tell you stories all day long about how you inspire, validate, and simply make me feel ‘ok’ for who I am and how I look.

- Pat A.

With an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition, Dr. Haver has cracked the code and found an innovative solution that actually works at this time in our lives. The Galveston Diet can help women in menopause lose weight, burn fat, and feel more confident in their skin.
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