Testimonial From Anita B.

"Gained Control of My Eating"

I have been on Galveston Diet for almost four weeks. I stumbled upon it on FB, and I was so happy to read something finally addressed my age group and, of course, hormones and menopause and weird fat I could no longer get rid of!! Anyway, I have lost seven pounds, and I would like to lose a bit more, but more importantly, I no longer feel like I am wandering with no real direction and goal with regard to nutrition, I have a compass for health!

I took my time reading through the program and spent time understanding macros. The anxiety I would experience not to know really HOW to eat has been lifted! Yeh! Intermittent Fasting is fine; it was easy to get used to b/c I never woke up and ate anyway. I eat from 11-7, and Hazelnut coffee has always been my fav; now it’s just black…I know there are artificial flavors with it…I will keep looking!

Anyway, Dr. Mary Claire Haver, I can’t thank you enough for all your solid research and for providing a health platform for us women! Additionally, I feel so happy to know that every day, every meal I am fighting inflammation! The affordable price was a no brainer too!

- Anita B.

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