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Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

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Want to Up Your Sexual Desire? Hit Your Inflammation Brake! I love romantic comedies. Two strangers meet, and their desire for one another grows until, after numerous wacky mishaps, they finally connect and enjoy their first passionate kiss. Both are totally in sync – they are physically aroused and…
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As a Certified Culinary Medicine Specialist, I need to convey that it is essential to remember that supplements are not meant to take the place of real food. Supplements are necessary when there is a deficiency due to the modern western diet, but they can’t match the nutrition that…
Dr. Mary Claire Haver’s top tips for fighting chronic inflammation and fatigue in menopause…. Do you feel tired?  Are you experiencing unexpected mood swings and unexplained weight gain?  All of these symptoms can be linked to aging, menopause and chronic inflammation.  The Good News: A few small swaps in…
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Menopause Weight Gain? Inflammation May Be The Culprit (And 5 Things You Can Do About It Right Now) It’s apparent that weight loss is much more than just calories in and calories out,1,2 so what are the other variables involved?  Current research is finding that chronic systemic inflammation is a…
Blog - Galveston Diet Foods for Pandemic
Foods To Battle Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic If you’re feeling stressed, who can blame you? In a recent study, 53.8% of respondents rated the psychological impact of the coronavirus outbreak as moderate or severe; 16.5% reported moderate to severe depressive symptoms; 28.8% reported moderate to severe anxiety symptoms,…
Blog - Galveston Diet after menopause
Exercise Beyond Menopause – For Weight Loss and More Many women, especially when entering or experiencing menopause, tend to put off exercise completely or transition to simply walk a couple of times a week over time. However, physical activity, including aerobic activity AND resistance training, becomes more and more…
Dr. Mary Claire Haver 15 Quaratnine
The Quarantine 15… It’s easy to see how you might gain weight during the pandemic, especially if you are spending most of your time at home. As it turns out, comfort food recipes have been trending on Google. (There is so much baking going on, supermarkets can’t keep flour…
Break Free From sugar
JOIN THE GALVESTON DIET’S HOLIDAY SUGAR DETOX TODAY, CLICK HERE! Excessive sugar consumption has MANY negative health effects. I am not saying you can never have added sugar again, but rather, I hope this information will make you aware and mindful of what you are putting into your body….
It is a pretty common phrase these days – “sugar is bad for you.” One that you hear over and over again… But why? Why is sugar so bad for you? Is there any merit to this statement? Absolutely. Besides the weight gain that is typically associated with an…

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