Testimonial From Christy W.

"Gained Muscle Mass and Lost Many Inches"

In December, I found myself in a place, physically, that I have not been since after right after I had my babies. Overweight and feeling sluggish. I have always been active, but over the past year, I went from maintaining a weight of 140lbs to finding myself 17 pounds heavier at 157lbs. I have never gained weight that quickly because I have always been active.

The way I have always combated weight was not working anymore in my 40s. As I researched, I knew I needed a way to lose weight the healthiest way possible and make it a sustainable lifestyle change. I knew that as I age, I needed to focus on the health benefits over weightloss. That’s when I found The Galveston Diet.

Since January 1st, I have lost 16 pounds. I have followed the plan word for word. I have gained muscle mass and lost many inches.
The Galveston Diet is easy to follow, and it works. The science behind every part blew my mind and kept me intrigued. It also helps me understand my body, how the aging process affects me, and what I can do to age in the healthiest way possible. You have inspired me!!!!

- Christy W.

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