Testimonial From Elizabeth C.

"My energy level has improved significantly"

So this past year was challenging. My father-in-law was killed in a car accident, then my husband broke his back in a mountain biking accident, and my daughter had a concussion. I also turned 50, and my metabolism took a nosedive. The result – I gained 12 pounds this year.

I took care of everyone else, that’s what moms do, and had debilitating headaches and stomach issues where all I could eat was crackers. At my annual exam in January, my OB/GYN, who is a menopause specialist, sat me down and explained that my weight gain would continue into the next year if I didn’t do anything. I was also gaining weight in places I had never gained before – high in my abdomen, especially. She also said that “eat less, move more” does not work well for women 45-60.

I’ve been on the Galveston Diet plan for 30 days. I have lost 11 pounds and three inches off my waistline. I like that it uses a multi-prong approach with intermittent fasting and a reasonable ketogenic diet. I am only lightly exercising- walking the dog and doing Pilates reformer class. No change there. I loved carbs – bread, pastries, cereal, cakes, ice cream. And I’ve done ok.

Eating real food helps. I do not feel “starving.” My biggest surprise is how much more clear my mind is – I’ve lost the “fog” my brain had undergone in the last ten years. I sleep so well at night now as well. My energy level has improved significantly. My husband told me, “It’s like you’re a different person.”

- Elizabeth C.

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