Testimonial From Andrea U.

"The Way You Explain Is Easy To Understand"

I stumbled into the Galveston Diet on Facebook during this pandemic. I am Brazilian that said I have been on a diet since I was 13. I was keeping my weight off until 2017, when my menopause began, and I ended up gaining almost 20lbs. I did end up losing it in a year. However, in the summer of 2019, I started to gain and lose weight on and off but never managed to get back to the weight I was happy with. Then this year in between vacation trips, all my weight came back again. I thought to myself I have to find a way to lose this weight; otherwise, I will be miserable.

I remember listening to you, and it clicked. I shared with my husband and asked for his thoughts, and his answer was, what do you have to lose? So I started my journey on with the program. You are always there to answer any questions, and this program could not be more detailed and specific. Your knowledge about everything you teach is phenomenal, and the way you explain it is easy to understand.

Today I am starting my fifth week with The Galveston Diet, and I already lost 14lbs, and I am back to the same weight I was in 2015! I am beyond excited, and I still have more to work on. TGD taught me how to cook healthy. I joined all the groups that are a part of TGD on Facebook and Instagram to be always on track. It is still good that I have somebody to lean on. I am finally happy with myself again!

- Andrea U.

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