Testimonial From Donna H.

"You Are Not Too Old For This Program!"

A special Thank You to Dr. Haver for developing this program! I recently participated in The Galveston Diet six week program, beginning 2/2020 and ending 4/2020. To say I had unbelievable success is an understatement. Although weight loss was not my main concern, I lost a total of 24 lbs. and a number of inches (still have 38 pounds to lose). That is not, however, the thing I am proudest of accomplishing. The strides I have made taking back my health are. My BS A1c dropped from 7.2 to 5.9, now normal. My BP is within the normal range. My cholesterol is 135. I was taking eight pills for those three conditions, and now I am taking 2! Just a little background on myself.

I am 73, Widowed, and the primary caregiver for my sister, who is basically disabled. I am a diabetic for 20 plus years, had high BP, and HC most of those years as well. Have had cancer twice, one time resulting in losing a kidney. Also, have a diagnosis of Auto-Immune. I have had three spinal infusions on my back and neck; therefore, my ability to exercise is limited to walking, and even that is limited.

I share this only to encourage those who think this want to work for them or think they are too old. Or have no time to take care of themselves. It will if you are committed to doing it for yourself.

- Donna H.

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