Testimonial From Susan J.

"Sleep More Soundly, and Have Tons More Energy"

I have nothing but positive things to say about the Galveston diet. My husband and I have been following the plan since August 2019.

Between us, we have lost over 90 pounds.

We never approached it as a diet, with a finish line in sight, but as a lifestyle change with a focus on healthy eating for life. The benefits of this new lifestyle have been amazing! We look better for sure, but more importantly, we feel better! No more inflammation, swelling or bloating after eating. We sleep more soundly and have tons more energy.

The meal prep and planning has been easy to incorporate in our weekly routine. We look forward to the time together to plan our meals for the week. It is easy and straightforward to use Carb Manager to track our macros, and it makes sticking to our goals so easy. Honestly, the best part of the Galveston Diet has been watching the impact on our whole family.

We have three young children (10, 7 & 5) who have watched us on our journey to healthy eating and optimal weight. They’ve watched us change our eating and exercise habits. They’ve listened to us talk about carbohydrates, protein and fats in a healthy way. They’ve watched mom cook more meals from scratch, and have enjoyed tasting all the new recipes we’ve eaten together. Kids are never too young to pick up on healthy habits. Just by observing us make better choices, they’ve started to do the same. I’ve even overheard them in the pantry talking about the amount of sugar in their snacks, and who needs more protein! We’re fortunate that our children have never been overweight, but if we can save them from the pitfalls of excess sugar and a lifetime of bad choices, why wouldn’t we?

Honestly, Mary Claire, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do! Finding the Galveston Diet was the best thing that ever happened to us!!

- Susan J.

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