Testimonial From Bonnie M.

"This Program Transformed My Life"

It is nearly a year ago that I first contacted you with a subject title: I NEED HELP! I gave you a quick rundown of my health issues and asked if this program could help me. You replied quickly to consult my doctor but thought that the anti-inflammatory component of the program would help. I prayed about it and did talk to my Endocrinologist about it and, with his blessing, began the program on August 1, 2019.
I had been on a medical rollercoaster having been diagnosed with polyglandular endocrine failure, chronic Epstein Barr, a malignant gastric tumor, I was borderline diabetic, fatty liver, and my cholesterol was high. I also was struggling with afib. Until 2015 I had had no health issues, but they all came on with a vengeance, and I spent the next four years in a downward spiral.

Since I began the Galveston Diet, I have honestly had a health transformation!

1. I no longer have a fatty liver; my cholesterol levels are well within the normal range. I am no longer pre-diabetic. My Primary Care Physician says it is a direct result of diet change. I have “dodged the bullet.”

2. I have not had an Afib episode this year! I had a video appt with my Cardiologist a couple of weeks ago, and he wanted to know what I have done. He SAW a difference, I have lost 42 lbs since August 1, and when I explained the Galveston Diet to him, his response was. “Taking control over your health and diet has directly affected your heart health!” He asked for your web page, and he was excited.

3. I still have a polyglandular endocrine failure, which comprises four different autoimmune diseases, and I still suffer from Epstein Barr. I am actually in a flare currently, but the difference is that I am active and have energy! I am no longer a slave to the sofa. I do rest when I am tired, but these issues NO LONGER CONTROL MY LIFE! I recently had an appointment with my Endocrinologist, and he said, “It can only be a result of your change in diet.” The markers have not changed, but my life has changed!

4. When I saw my Oncologist for a routine check-up, we spent about thirty minutes talking about the Galveston Diet. He came into the exam room concerned because of the charted weight loss and, once relieved, wanted to know the what and why about the changes I had made. He also asked for the web page. He left the room, saying that my visit had “inspired” him.

So, in conclusion, thank you, Dr. Haver! My husband, thanks you, my children, thank you and my twenty grandchildren, especially thank you! They have a nana who can play with them again, and it doesn’t cost me days of recuperation. I am living my best life and cannot imagine ever going back. The Galveston Diet has changed my health. It has changed my weight. It has changed the way I look at food, is this fuel or not? It has changed my LIFE. I thank GOD for you, Dr. Haver. You were and are an answer to prayer for this 60-year-old woman. Tears flow from my eyes when I think of where I was last year, at my wit’s end, and where I am today—such a transformation.

- Bonnie M.

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