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Testimonial From Courtney M.

"I am down 80+ pounds and feel fabulous"

3 yrs ago, I had my “moment.” I had an “oh my” pregnancy at 40 and allowed myself to eat everything. I then convinced myself that I needed carbs in my life to maintain my milk supply. I then vowed that I would love myself and embrace my chubbs.

I shopped, looking for a dress for my daughter’s baby dedication at church to conceal my tummy. I thought I had found it until I saw pictures and cried.

I began low carb, which I knew worked for me, started walking, and guzzling lots of water. I saw your video on FB “not your bacon and butter keto” and was intrigued. I am down 80+ pounds and feel fabulous!! Still working on cutting out a random coke zero, but have changed/overcame so many other eating habits that I know I can do this as well.

I want to say Thank You for devoting so much time, energy and research. We just celebrated our 20th and had pictures done by our wedding photographer. I was hoping to be back to my wedding weight, but I am proud to say that I am healthy, happy, and staying the course.

- Courtney M.

With an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition, Dr. Haver has cracked the code and found an innovative solution that actually works at this time in our lives. The Galveston Diet can help women in menopause lose weight, burn fat, and feel more confident in their skin.
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