Testimonial From Laura J.

"Sticking to TGD in Quarantine"

Today I hit 25 lbs lost following TGD.  (And at least 20”) 7 of that has been in Quarantine in the last 7 years- I mean weeks!! and it’s in drips and drabs… -.2, gain .4…. down down up… I started on IF in October. Joined this group in January which kick started the progress! I can’t wait to go shopping!!

Besides sticking to TGD in quarantine (although not perfectly I’ll add. I’m still having some wine and peach ciroc vodka and I don’t really track. I eat same thing for lunch and snacks and pick a dinner from TGD or carb manager and go with it. At the beginning I tracked more to get the hang of it) We have some favorites. Happy to share if you’re interested.

At the same time I dove into this I upped my exercise game from a casual 1-2 times a week to 5-6x a week of strength and cardio continuing to do exactly what I was doing before quarantine. Riding my peloton bike and continuing my F45 classes on line… I’ve got a new routine set up which involves helping my husbands business and volunteering in my area in various safe ways and exercising!

I for sure want to get at least to 145 (end of April goal) so I have a 5 lb buffer and switch to maintenance but I’m tempted to go for 140. That’s my pre- pregnancy weight.  My oldest is 28.   I’m losing about 5 lbs a month. And let me remind you that like many of you I NEVER EVER EVER EVER lose weight… and I’ve tried them all. I also need to add it’s just me and my husband… no kids here to feed and entertain , no teaching littles… and a husband happy to eat whatever I make!!

So please show yourself some grace during these unprecedented times.  But if you are so inclined during this time, I encourage you to keep going for it! Appreciate you all especially Mary Claire Pastor Haver for  all of your encouragement on this journey!

- Laura J.

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