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Testimonial From Janice S.

"Thank You Dr. Haver. Thanks For Helping Me Find Me."

I have been on the Galveston “Diet” since January 20th, 2020. I found it through Facebook and I was hesitant at first. Often when we reach “over 50”, we’ve tried our traditional methods for losing weight, counting calories, eating less, and upping our exercise, but all these methods I had relied on in the past did not achieve even the loss of one pound. Running 5k’s, belonging (and actually using) to a gym, hiking, and working full time were my normal activities, but with 35 surgeries under my belt, my weight kept blooming out of control. Each year on crutches or being unable to keep up with life in normal movement, I went from 125 lb woman to 167 lb woman. I didn’t even know me anymore when looking in the mirror. Often I hid under giant sweatshirts and sweaters. I hated for my husband to see me without 10 layers on. I had a partial hysterectomy at 45 and it brought on menopause 18 months later. This accompanied by inflammation, IBS, and Gerd. I felt my life slipping away. I never stopped trying but my attempts were futile.

When I found the Galveston Diet and listened to videos, it made sense to me. I wasn’t eating unhealthy food; I was just not eating the right foods. At first, I thought it sounds much like the ketogenic diet. In some aspects it is but then again, many diets could give that impression. I started off full force and read each part of the program. I had started the 16:8 fasting three months before and that was the easy part. Now I had to learn how to push away the parts of my daily diet that are easy pickings and develop a mindset to become me again. My husband was on board to support me through the beginning and I jumped.

Learning about hidden sugars, the right fats, the high inflammatory foods, helped me to shape my meals and build my pantry.

I work and always brought my meals and now needed to focus on the right food in my backpack. As each week progressed, my weight slipped away. At first, I seemed a bit tired and irritable but that might just be who I am. Then as I reached the 12 lb loss, I realized my life was changing. I felt so much better. I already was using a spin bike because of sports injuries and I took it to a whole new level. I bought myself new workout clothes and I started sharing my story. One friend listened and she too has lost weight. When I reached my 20 lb weight loss, I was floored. I was losing in all the right places. I eat fatty fish, avocadoes and shop for foods that build a better me. I don’t eat carbs much and I make my own low-carb bagels and biscuits. I don’t eat pasta and I eat hearts of palm pasta with my own canned tomato sauce with no sugar.

As I creep up on 62, I have now lost 35+ pounds. I work out 3-5 days a week and have inspired my daughters to also get in better shape and think about what they eat. It has filled my heart to know I found something that has made me look in the mirror and not see a stranger. It took me 15 months to reach my goal. Fifteen of the best months I’ve had in many years.

Thank you Dr. Haver. Thanks for helping me find me.

- Janice S.

With an anti-inflammatory approach to nutrition, Dr. Haver has cracked the code and found an innovative solution that actually works at this time in our lives. The Galveston Diet can help women in menopause lose weight, burn fat, and feel more confident in their skin.
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