Testimonial From Sara J.

"I am saving time and money!"

Thanks to you and the Galveston Diet, I am jumping into the new year with unbelievable energy and enthusiasm.

The non-scale benefits of intermittent fasting and anti-inflammatory eating are so wide-reaching to the benefit of me, job, patients, clients, and family. I have such a sense of accomplishment, which is so motivating, there is nothing I can’t do.

My daughters and sister have adopted some of the changes. I start my day well-rested and get in my workout before work. You inspired me to set up a home gym in the basement with rubber mats, yoga mat, hand weights, and an iPad. It is so great as it has gotten pretty dark and cold in Boston, making morning runs more challenging. The money that I had spent on my Lifetime membership is now going into an IRA. I am saving time and money!

Enjoying the benefits as well. Being a single parent and working full-time, I did not have the energy and thought that I did not have the time to make well-planned meals. I usually resorted to a “healthy” takeout. Now I whip up healthy meals in no time. My refrigerator and cabinet are stocked with all of the healthy ingredients at all times, and somehow even the shopping is easier and more enjoyable.

- Sara J.

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